Walker Dragoon 1847 .44 Caliber Charcoal Blue Walnut Grips (Taylor's)


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With a 9-inch round barrel and more than four pounds of weight, the Colt® Walker was a weapon for the toughest soldiers and lawmen on the frontier. Prior to the introduction of the .357 Magnum in 1935, no revolver was more powerful. Inspired by Captain Samuel H. Walker of the U.S. Mounted Rifles, it fired .44 caliber balls “cast 32 to the pound.” The deadly effects of the Walker’s power during the Mexican War proved once and for all that revolvers had a significant role in battle. Features a case hardened forged steel frame, brass squareback triggerguard, large one piece walnut grip, spring retained loading lever, and charcoal blue parts. The Charcoal Blue finish is a delicate over-oxidized bluing, when new it is a bright blue color and over time with use it will naturally patina to a soft grey.

Imported by Taylor's & Company.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review