Pietta 1851 & 1860 Army & Navy .44 Revolver Conversion Cylinder


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This conversion cylinder converts steel frame Pietta 1851 & 1860 Navy & Army revolvers from .44 black powder to .45LC/.45Schofield smokeless ammunition. Taylor's does not recommend shooting ammunition rated above 850 fps in this conversion cylinder or using it with a brass frame model. Due to the shorter frame length of these revolvers, some .45LC ammunition could be too long for the conversion cylinder if the factory does not follow standard OAL measurements. Reloading/loading is done by removing the barrel, cylinder, and then removing the cylinder cap from the cylinder. The cylinder contains 5 firing pins retained by threaded doughnuts. The cap is reinstalled by lining up the hole in the cap with the silver guide pin on top of the cylinder. If shooting black powder ammunition the firings pins must be removed and cleaned to avoid corrosion. This conversion has safety notches cut between each chamber to use when carrying cylinder with all 5 chambers loaded. No frame modification is needed, although minor fitting may be required due to gun manufacturer variations.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review